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A Customs broker is responsible for all of the documentation and formalities required for any international shipments. They are essentially a broker who ensures shipment compliance on behalf of an individual or a business.

Customs Brokers Handle All Communication

International shipment procedures and policies are always changing. It can be challenging to keep track of the different tariff codes, Harmonized System codes, duty agreements, and international taxes. There is also a lot involved in ensuring that a shipment clears Customs, and every shipment needs a bill of lading, commercial invoice, Canada Customs invoice, and Certificate of Origin. Customs brokers are beneficial because they manage the entire process for you.

Documentation needs to be filled in and calculated correctly to avoid shipment delays or Customs holds. Importing and exporting always runs smoother when the paperwork is handled by an experienced and knowledgeable Customs broker. Customs brokers are trained to quickly resolve complications and will act as a liaison between government officials and importers/exporters whenever there is an issue.

Custom Brokers Save Companies Money

Although there is a brokerage fee for using a Customs broker, they usually end up saving you money in the end. It will require less time and labor, plus they will work with you to ensure that your goods are entered at the lowest possible duty rate. Many Custom brokers like Dilas International will also make the GST payment process easier by allowing you to pay monthly instead of per shipment.

Customs Brokers are Valuable Resources

Most Customs brokers make it their responsibility to stay on top of everything related to their international border crossing. They follow the news, research new free trade agreements, and use the most-advanced technology to keep track of all information they need.

A Customs broker can help you determine the appropriate country of origin, calculate landing costs, and double-check on any legality issues. The best Customs brokers will even do a comprehensive compliance review on every shipment to make sure that it meets Customs regulations and is eligible for importing/exporting.

Customs Brokers Have the Technology

It is beneficial to use a Customs broker simply because they can submit your paperwork faster than any other method. They have convenient EDI tools like the Accelerated Commercial Release Operational Support System (ACROSS) and they can process shipment releases using Release on Minimum Documentation (RMD), Customs Automated Data Exchange (CADEX), and Pre-Authorized Review System (PARS) entries.

If you or your business regularly sends shipments internationally, it is beneficial to use a Customs broker. They will handle all of your communications, make sure you are not overpaying, offer valuable resources and advice, plus they use superior technology for processing releases. A good Customs broker will alleviate your shipping stress and make sure your imports/exports arrive where they need to be, on time.

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