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The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) digital initiative is changing how CBSA assesses and collects duties and taxes on commercial goods imported into Canada. Starting October 2024, importers will be required to pay duties and taxes directly to CBSA.

Importers need to register on the CARM Client Portal and properly delegate access to employees and all relevant third parties, such as customs brokers and trade consultants. The customs broker will then be able to continue managing both imports and CARM procedures.

Please follow the steps below to complete your CARM PORTAL REGISTRATION:

  1. Create login credentials and a user account in the CARM Client Portal (video tutorial).
  2. Link your user account to your RM account (tutorial).

If your Business Number has been used to import goods in the past six years, you will be asked to answer affinity (verification) questions. Please reach out to for answers.

  1. Delegate authority to DILAS INTERNATIONAL LTD (tutorial).

Approve the request by selecting “All programs,” then Access: “Business management.” Check all three boxes under “Transaction visibility rules” – this will allow DILAS to validate supply chain transmissions and support in your CBSA statement reconciliation.

If you need technical assistance, please contact the CARM Client Support Help Desk (CCSH):

CCSH hours of operation are Mon to Fri, 7 am to 5 pm ET.