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As of may 25 2021 CBSA has launched CARM portal to streamline ACCOUNTING AND REVENUE MANAGEMENT PROCESSES WITH CBSA. All Importers are required to register and delegate authority to their Customs Broker on the portal prior to May 2022.

Please follow these steps to register and link your business account

1. Create login credentials and user account in the CARM client portal:CARM CLIENT PORTAL ( VIDEO)

2. Link your user account to your RM account (VIDEO)

3. Delegate authority to DILAS INTERNATIONAL LTD (VIDEO)

Approve the request by selecting “All Programs”-“Business Management”, and by checking all three boxes under “Transactional Visibility”. By checking all three boxes DILAS can validate supply chain transmissions and support in your CBSA statement reconciliation.

If you need technical assistance, please follow these steps:

1. Dial 1-800-461-9999

2. Press 1 for English, 2 for French

3. Press 2

4. Press 6

5. You will hear a message about call wait times. You must hear the entire message before pressing 2 for CARM

6. Press 0 to speak to the Support Help Desk