If you’re a Canadian exporter, you know all about the B13A Export Declaration form*. The highly detailed document had to be filled out every time your goods leave Canada. 

Starting September 30, the new Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS) have made it mandatory to declare all exports electronically. However, the process of registering yourself with CERS happens outside of the system and still requires at least 24 hrs to be able to file and submit export declaration. Being put simply, you cannot just register yourself with CERS like you can with many other applications, but have to submit registration request and wait.

For the average small business, dealing with customs and exporting issues can have its challenges, and CERS did not make it any easier or less time-consuming by migrating the process online. Dilas can help you reduce your compliance risks and administrative burden, so you can spend your time on more fruitful pursuits.

What we can offer:

*As with B13, you normally don’t need to file a CERS declaration for goods going to the United States or worth less than $2,000.

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