Brokerage fees schedule

Fee, CAD

Prices do not include GST

One-time new client setup fee


Customs Entry Fee

Is a brokerage fee for releasing and accounting for a regular one line import shipment, which does not require paper release or any additional services, and can be submitted utilizing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system.

for a Low Value shipment
valued at less than CAD 1,600.00 and released through the Courier Low Value (CLVS) Program


Customs Entry Fee

for a High Value shipment
IID-released shipment regardless of the value 

Percent of shipment value


Min 50.00, max 250.00.

Each additional tariff classification line after first line


Credit card fee

Percent of Customs duty & GST when paid by a credit card. To avoid this fee, clients are welcome to pay by INTERAC e-transfer or EFT. Note: credit cards are not accepted from first-time clients. 


PGA regulated commodities, per each item on the invoice


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