Brokerage fees schedule

Fee, CAD

Price do not include GST

Customs Entry Fee

Is a brokerage fee for releasing and accounting for a regular one line import shipment, which does not require paper release or any additional services, and can be submitted utilizing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system.

for a Low Value shipment
Shipments that are valued less than CAD 1600.00.


Customs Entry Fee

for a High Value shipment
Shipments that are valued equal or more than CAD 1600.00.

Percent of shipment value


Min 40.00, max 250.00.

Each additional tariff classification line after first line


Credit card fee

Percent of Customs duty & GST when paid by a credit card. Credit cards are not accepted from first time clients. To avoid this fee, clients are welcome to pay by INTERAC e-transfer or EFT.


New client setup fee


PGA regulated commodities, per each item on the invoice


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