Commercial Shipments

Canadian Customs Clearance

Our process of registering a business client...

…is fast and easy. You only need to have a business number export/import account (RM0001 identifier account) with Revenue Canada and proceed to account setup. If currently your company does not have an RM account, but possesses a business number (GST number), you can activate an RM account by contacting the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-5525. The Revenue will add the RM account over the phone right away. 

All the necessary forms for appointing Dilas International Customs Brokers as your Customs broker will be generated when you enter the required information on the account setup page.

We have designed a unique...

…brokerage fees schedule which is attractive to both big corporations and home-based businesses. You can also use our brokerage fees calculator to inquire how much we charge for brokerage services. 

We offer to all of our clients...

…regardless of the size of their company, time-sensitive professional services of the same high quality. Every transaction receives adequate attention with a full compliance review before being submitted to Canada Customs. 

Advise your suppliers to provide the following information to a carrier: Customs clearance by: Dilas Intl Customs Brokers, ph. 1 800 402 4762 fax 1-866-234-2611