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Dilas International Customs Brokers are happy to announce that our new addition – Vancouver office – has been recently licensed by CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) to operate at the Vancouver. 

The office is located across the parking lot from Canada Customs exit into the Vancouver at the following address:

Dilas International Customs Brokers in Vancouver

1033 Haro St,
Vancouver, BC
V6E 1C8
(for mailing cheques and financial documents)


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Dilas International Customs Brokers prepares customs declarations for its clients commercial importations or personal importations on a daily basis and submits them by electronic data interchange (EDI) to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) commercial operations offices in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area of British Columbia.

Dilas International Ltd is a CBSA licensed customs broker that offers EDI customs clearance services to our clients located in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area and throughout British Columbia.

Since all modes of transportation arrive and/or leave Vancouver on a daily basis, and since several Billion dollars’ worth of goods are imported or exported each Year through Vancouver, Canada’s customs authorities from the CBSA have established many offices located in different parts of the metropolitan area. Every day, we at Dilas Intl Customs Brokers, deal with the CBSA offices located across Vancouver and the lower mainland. To better understand the big picture of import and export related activities within Canada’s Pacific Gateway region, let us see who does what where!

Importations by mail (Canada Post) are processed at the CBSA Vancouver Mail Centre & Casual Refund Centre.

When goods are mailed to Canada from abroad, Canada Post receives all items and present them to one of the three (3) CBSA Mail Centres located within Canada (Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal). The CBSA Border Services Officers visually inspect each mail item to determine the admissibility of the goods and confirms it they are subject to customs duties and/or taxes. The CBSA arranges for the customs clearance of all personal mail as well as low value commercial shipments of less than $2,500 CDN.

Commercial importations arriving by mail and valued at $2,500 CDN or more, must be customs cleared by the importer or a licensed customs broker. Dilas Intl Customs Brokers prepares customs declarations for postal imports on a regular basis on behalf of its customers.

Air freight arriving by air carriers and air courier companies is processed at the CBSA Vancouver International Airport (VIA) Commercial Operations office in Richmond, BC

Dilas Customs Brokers deals directly with air cargo carriers, air courier companies and international and Canadian freight forwarders operating at the Vancouver International Airport (VIA) such as Air Canada Cargo, KLM Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, DHL, FedEx, Purolator and UPS, etc. Dilas Intl always coordinates the submission of electronic customs releases with the air carrier of your choice.

CBSA Import stats – The CBSA commercial operations office at VIA processed 38,289 EDI release requests for the Month of September, 2013.

Truck and rail freight as well as commercial and personal vehicle importations from the USA can be processed directly at the border by the CBSA commercial operations office located at the Pacific Highway border crossing in Surrey, BC

Cross border freight arriving in Canada from the United States, can be either cleared directly at the border, or moved inland to Vancouver via a Canada customs bonded carrier. In either scenario, commercial goods destined for Vancouver and the neighbouring area, usually arrives (enters Canada) at the Pacific Highway border crossing located in the City of Surrey, BC just across from Blaine, Washington. Dilas Intl cooperates with the Canadian National Railway, the Canadian Pacific Railway and the BNSF Railway companies, etc. to clear imported rail cargo.

As for freight arriving by truck, Dilas Intl works with many different highway carriers in the trucking industry in order to clear imported goods arriving at the border or moved in bond to a Vancouver area CBSA licensed Customs Sufferance Warehouse or Customs Bonded Warehouse.

CBSA office number 813 Import stats – The CBSA commercial operations office at the Pacific Highway border crossing processed 58,145 EDI release requests for the Month of September, 2013.

Bonded freight processed at the CBSA licensed P.C.B. Highway Sufferance Warehouse in Surrey, BC

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Dilas Intl can clear goods located in any customs bonded facility or foreign trade zone located in Canada, including the P.C.B. facility located near the Pacific Highway border crossing on 1st Avenue in Surrey.

CBSA office number 842 import stats – The CBSA processed 92 EDI release requests for the Month of September, 2013, for goods located at the P.C.B. facility.

Breakbulk, bulk, RoRo (automobiles) or containerized cargo importations arriving in Canada by ocean/marine carriers as well as bonded rail and truck cargo is processed by the CBSA Vancouver waterfront and warehouse operations and the commercial operations – West offices

Canada’s largest and busiest port, the port of Vancouver (Port Metro Vancouver) is home to four container terminals, Centerm, Deltaport, Fraser Surrey Docks and Vanterm. The port facilitates trade with more than 160 world economies, and handles nearly 130 million tonnes of cargo each year. Almost 95% of the Port’s total volume serves Canadian import and export markets.

On average, 97% of the customs declarations for the imported freight arriving at Port Metro Vancouver is presented to the CBSA electronically via EDI by importers and customs brokers such as Dilas Intl. Included in the statistics is the bonded rail freight processed at the BNSF Railway terminal in New Westminster.

CBSA office number 809 import stats – The CBSA commercial operations office at the Vancouver Commercial Operations – West Office processed 33,026 EDI release requests for the Month of September, 2013.

International Trade (import) statistics for the Vancouver Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)

Dilas International Customs Brokers is proud to be part of Vancouver’s thriving international logistics success and import and export activities. Here is a look at the 2011 import stats for the Vancouver Metropolitan Area: In all, importers in the Vancouver CMA imported over $18.4 Billion worth of goods in 2011. Here is a breakdown of $ Values of imports per community in the Vancouver CMA: Vancouver – $7.2 Billion, Richmond – $3.3 Billion, Burnaby – $2.1 Billion, Surrey – $1.8 Billion, Delta – $1.3 Billion, Langley – $851 Million, North Vancouver – $701.5 Million, Coquitlam – $455.8 Million, Port Coquitlam – $307.8 Million, New Westminster – $155.1 Million, Maple Ridge – $113.9 Million, West Vancouver – $52.4 Million, Port Moody – $31.2 Million, Mission – $20.5 Million, Mission – $10.8 Million, Pitt Meadows – $9.6 Million, White Rock $9.6 Million and Lions Bay -$331,878 Thousand dollars.

Recommended Vancouver delivery partner of Dilas International Customs Brokers
1033 Haro St, Vancouver, BC, V6E 1C8, CA, or you can always call us at (604) 629-8876 for more information!

As global economic competitiveness increases, so does international trade related activities such as importing and exporting. These activities are extremely important for the Vancouver Census Metropolitan Area businesses and residents. Yes the World is now much easier to access, and consumers do enjoy getting the best product out there. In fact, through the internet, Vancouver consumers have access to literally millions of products from all over the world and they have access to tremendous logistical services that help them import such products.

So, whether you are a business or a consumer, and you wish to access the global marketplace, Dilas Intl can provide you with customs clearance services as well as assist you with the ever changing customs and import rules and processes.