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As one of the leading Customs brokers in Canada, Dilas International truly cares about the health and well-being of our fellow Canadians. We are proud to announce that we will be taking care of the Customs clearance for the importation of artwork for the Revolutions: The Inexorable Evolution of Art event to support the 2013 Alberta floods.

The Cost of the Destruction

According to recent figures for the Alberta government, the devastating floods caused significant damage to more than 14,500 homes. On June 20th, thousands of people in and around the Calgary area were forced to evacuate their homes and more than 2,700 of these residents are still living with family and friends, at hotels, or in other temporary housing shelters.

More than 8,000 people have applied for disaster recovery support as a result of the flooding. The province is currently processing these claims, and so far $7 million in restoration payments have been made to victims of the disaster. Alberta’s Premier, Alison Redford, is estimating it will be considerably more than $5 billion to restore the province’s infrastructure.

Revolutions: The Inexorable Evolution of Art

Revolutions art exhibit will debut in Calgary on September 12th, 2013, to raise money in support of the rebuilding of the Calgary area. The exhibition will be kicked off with a benefit event that will include more than fifty space art installations, a space fashion show, live music, and a dance party hosted by DJ Fayyaz. The exhibit will stay open for about a month in Calgary before moving onto Winnipeg and Ottawa.

Revolutions: The Inexorable Evolution of Art examines how space exploration and aerospace technologies have inspired innovation and transformed modern culture. It began with an international call for the greatest space-related art submissions, which included receiving work from renowned space artist, Arthur Woods.

Fifty of the Finest Space Artists

Arthur Woods grew up near the Kennedy Space Center during the 1960s and witnessed the birth of Apollo and the American space program. His famous artworks include “Cosmic dancer,” which became part of the living space on the Russian space station Mir in 1993. The fundraising space exhibit will also feature conceptual space artists Bryan Versteeg, sculptor Jeff de Boer, filmmaker and artist Brian Batista, and wearable art designers Dee Fontans and Eric Willis.

Dilas International Customs Brokers is honoured to be the Customs broker for this valuable artwork and worthy endeavour. We encourage anyone who is able to visit the impressive exhibit and contribute what they can to the Alberta Arts Flood Rebuild efforts. The tickets are only $25 for general admittance or $50 for VIP status. VIP access will give you the opportunity to meet with special guests and enjoy complimentary appetizers

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