The Canada Border Services Agency Announces New Client Outreach Approach

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In a financially responsible manner, the Canada Border Services Agency announced that it is cutting back on services to the import / export (trade) community.

As announced in Customs Notice CN13-017, the CBSA is “transforming the service delivery model of its regional trade operations by consolidating activities”. In line with this announcement, the CBSA has closed the Atlantic (Halifax) and Northern Ontario (Ottawa) regional trade services offices.

Also announced in CN13-017, “Traditional client outreach services are no longer offered”…in any region. As a result, walk-in counter service to the public, delivery of seminars, information sessions or workshops have been cancelled.

However, the CBSA will continue to provide self-service tools in a timely and relevant manner through the CBSA website and the toll free Border Information Service line at 1-800-461-9999.

As tax payers, we can all appreciate the fiscal responsibilities of our Government Agencies and applaud them on making the necessary and sometimes difficult decisions that need to be made.

However, it is not without difficulty, that importers and exporters as well as all the other trade chain partners gather information on the latest and newest government requirements and benefits that are announced here and there throughout a calendar year. (I.e.: Mandatory eManifest reporting for freight forwarders and importers, or, new Canadian Foreign Trade Zone benefits such as the elimination of the annual licence fees for Customs Bonded Warehouses and Customs Sufferance Warehouses).

We at Dilas International Customs Brokers, will continue to monitor all Government programs and incentives and decipher the information for our faithful clients as well as to our audience on our Dilas social media channels.

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