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To setup a Non-Resident Importer (NRI) account:

  1. Apply for a Business Number (BN) and your GST/HST Registration Number (RT) with the CRA by filling out the Non-Resident Account Registration Web Form or the RC1 Form on the Canada Revenue Agency website. If completing the RC1 Form, make sure to send your application to the correct CRA Tax Centre.

    You must apply for your GST/HST Registration Number if your company generates over $30,000 a year in taxable sales inside or outside your country. If you generate under $30,000 a year in taxable sales, you are not required to apply for your GST/HST Registration Number, but you still have the option to register for one. More information on tax registration can be found in Doing Business in Canada – GST/HST Information for Non-Residents guide.

  2. Apply for an Import-Export Business Number (RM) through the CBSA. See the CARM page for more info or the direct link to the CBSA form to request a new RM account.

  3. If you decide to keep your business records outside of Canada, complete the Agreement to Maintain Records Elsewhere Than the Place of Business in Canada (Form BSF900).

  4. Once you have received the import-export account number from the CBSA, set up a business account with us: Business Account Setup. Fax your Legal Registration Form or Certificate/Articles of Incorporation to Dilas Customs Brokers. When the brokerage account is setup, the next step is to prepare the shipping documents.

  5. Register your business on the CARM Portal and delegate authority to Dilas as your customs broker. See our CARM page for details on why and how to do so.