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Each Customs broker has received a CBSA message with an application form that is for receiving daily and monthly K84 information through EDI from the Canada Customs.
Some Customs brokers are not interested in obtaining the K84 info electronically. If this is the case, they just need to ignore the message.
If a Customs broker at the moment gets K84 messages through EDI, or if they authorized, at some earlier time, the delivery of the K84 to a third company, the Customs broker still needs to complete the application form as the process will be altered. Brokers need to read the form instructions with attention to details to comprehend which sections to fill in.

CBSA advised that now is available the application form “EDI Application for Daily Notice (DN) and Statement of Account (SOA)”, that was for registering for Daily Notices (DNs) and Statements of Account (SOAs).

In case if a Customs broker has any questions regarding the DN and SOA procedure they are to contact Canada Customs for clarification.

As soon as the completed form is received and approved, CBSA will send the following documents:
A package for testing and the ECCRD, which shows technical data and provides sample statements; and
An ARL Reference Manual, which gives information for statement users, comprising more than 40 example situations to help financial users to understand the representation in the ARL of the different payment scenarios.

The Customs testing environment is to be ready from Sept 2015 only for approved clients.

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